Hotel Ecstasy

The strangest things can push the buttons of my hotel desire . All around the world, each culture holds fast to its own versions of hotel room comfort, and to the little detail that it would be unthinkable to overlook, even in the humblest lodging. In Japan it’s the teapot on the lacquer tray, beside a lacquer cup and a container of green tea. In Thailand, always, there’s a miniature house somewhere on the hotel premises, with little plastic people in it. Sometimes, as in the case of the ‘Liberace Room’ at San Antonio’s Painted Lady Inn, my hotel room window looks out on nothing more interesting than a side alley. But when alley-facing rooms are dripping in chandeliers and hung with gold-framed portraits of Liberace, how can you complain to management?

Daissan McLane (travel journalist and photographer).

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