You have stumbled upon my corner of the internet; a self-serving and at times self-aggrandising site, of which I am equal parts proud and ashamed. I ask that you take pity on yours truly, appreciating for a brief moment how tricky it can be to parade one’s wares with modesty; a task that proves particularly awkward when opting to eschew the recommended third-person pretence. The net effect: a startling abundance of uncomfortable, self-important sounding first-person pronouns.

Well, thanks for stopping by. Maybe we’ll meet someday…? In the meantime, feel free to stick around and don’t be a stranger!

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A nice pair…

Many of my favourite recordings were realised with just a single stereo pair of microphones. If one has an acoustic appropriate to the music being performed, this low-key setup is almost […] continue

Recording session with Jamie Akers, guitar, in the sublime acoustic of The Menuhin Hall, Surrey.
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