You have stumbled upon my corner of the internet; a self-serving and at times self-aggrandising site, of which I am equal parts proud and ashamed. I ask that you take pity on yours truly, appreciating for a brief moment how tricky it can be to parade one’s wares with modesty; a task that proves particularly awkward when opting to eschew the recommended third-person pretence. The net effect: a startling abundance of uncomfortable, self-important sounding first-person pronouns.

Well, thanks for stopping by. Maybe we’ll meet someday…? In the meantime, feel free to stick around and don’t be a stranger!

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Whates Verlag?

My sax quartet Hotel Ecstasy is the first score in this new edition.

I'm pleased to be finally getting the ball rolling with the new edition of my scores. Hotel Ecstasy was one of the first pieces I wrote that I felt truly satisfied with—and I still really […] continue

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