I am an artist, involved for well over a decade in a broad range of creative and technical endeavours.

My first great love was (is!) music, and I write, play bass and do other such musicianly things, like audio engineering.

I am also involved in graphic and digital design and development, a self-confessed type nerd and—let’s not beat about the bush—design bore. Have a look at some of the things I have made.

Well, thanks for stopping by. Maybe we’ll meet some day soon… who knows? In the meantime, feel free to stick around and don’t be a stranger!

Latest from the blog...

Whates Verlag?

My sax quartet Hotel Ecstasy is the first score in this new edition.

I'm pleased to be finally getting the ball rolling with the new edition of my scores. Hotel Ecstasy was one of the first pieces I wrote that I felt truly satisfied with—and I still really […] continue

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